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Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly This book and I had the best love hate relationship.I was intrigued by it because a.) I enjoyed Jennifer Donnelly's A Northern Light and was keen to read more of her book b.)I enjoy history, especially French history c.) I want to go to Paris and d.) reading is awesome.But this book was not what I expected.Despite reading a little a bit about it before hand, I did not expected Andi to have so much angst. It was understandable angst but it really kinda annoyed me. And all the people at her school (except Vijay) really annoyed me. Something along the lines of "young and privileged" that seems so popular these days. But improves, especially when she travels to Paris.I also expected it to be a book where the chapters alternate points of view, (much like A Northern Light did if I recall correctly) however, I applaud Donnelly's creativity in incorporate both points of view. About 150 pages in, I thought I had figure out exactly what was going to happen. But I was wrong. Very, very wrong. Delightfully wrong, in fact. If I had been right, I would have really been disappointed.Reasons I loved this book:-Setting-Thorough background research-The twistReasons I hated this book:-Andi kept inuring my wrath with the way she dealt with Virgil-Long book is longBut overall, I greatly enjoyed this book. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, teenage novels, interesting novel, and/or novels overall.

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