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Ophelia - Lisa Klein My entire knowledge of the play Hamlet comes from the few scenes I've read thus far and the plot synopsis on Spark Notes. I must say that Klein's Ophelia is different from Shakespeare's Ophelia. In the beginning, Ophelia appears to be just like most female historical fiction characters. ( I would consider this historical fiction, mostly because it is set in the seventeenth century' though it is based on a play.) She likes to learn, is strong willed, and refuses to be a lady. While Klein's intention is to portray Ophelia as a feminist in a time where feminism was unheard of, Ophelia comes across as your usual historical fiction gal. Thankfully, she achieves character to growth, though the ending somewhat irks me. However, I do like the fact Klein gave Ophelia some back story and a better ending than just drowning herself in her madness. The women at the convent in France were all significantly different from one another. I liked how Marguerite's story related to Ophelia's tragedy. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to people who enjoy the story of Hamlet.

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