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Duty and Desire - Pamela Aidan This part two of the Fitzwilliam Darcy trilogy covers the time in Pride and Prejudice where the readers of Jane Austen don't see him. Not to give anything away, but boy, did he have a wild time of it!The plot is rather slow when he's in London and just spending time with his sister and his cousins, though I did enjoy the growth of her character. I also enjoyed the dynamic between Colonel Fiztwilliam, his brother, and Darcy. When he leaves for Norwycke Castle, the story picks up a bit and turns to into a sort of Gothic novel, which is interesting. I overall liked the plot there, though it was a bit trying at times.In this novel, we are introduced to several members of the Darcy family, including the much beloved Georgiana and his cousins. We also see an entire set of original characters. There's Lord and Lady Sayre, owners of the castle with marital problems, his brother, Trenholme, who likes to drink, their various other guests, and Sayre's and Trenholme's half-sister Lady Sylvanie. Lady Sylvanie is perhaps the one thing that takes Miss Elizabeth Bennett of Darcy's mind, although temporarily. She is full of mystery and intrigue. In fact, what I didn't like about this book was the fact that while it does connect with Pride and Prejudice in a way with the notes from Caroline Bingley about Jane and Darcy's existence and his thinking of Elizabeth, it doesn't feel as much as part of the story as the first one. Especially once he gets to Norwykce Castle and have several other things on his mind.Overall, I would say it's an excellent read and if you liked the first one, you may like this one. Just know that it takes place during his time in London and other palces, so you won't be see much of your other favorite Pride and Prejudice characters.

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