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Delirium - Lauren Oliver First dystopian I've really enjoyed in awhile. Super excited to read the next one. Full review on The Book Voyage soon. Full Review from The Book VoyageDelirium kinda falls into a trap that happens to young adult dystopians You need to build the world that this book is set in, so there may be some sections where that world building is happening and then some action. Sort of a slow-fast, slow-fast pattern. For example, this books starts slow and you're just sitting here reading about this ordinary girl in Portland waiting to be cured of love or the deliria as it is referred to. However, once you get through the entire book, you realize that it starts slow to emphasize that Lena, our protagonist is not born inherently special, as can be the case in ya fiction. Rather, it is the choices she makes that make her extraordinary.Truthfully, Lena annoyed me towards the beginning of the novel. She was just so bland. But then I realized she was trying to keep herself that way because of her rather colorful past. And she feels plain and ordinary throughout the book and she doesn't like it. That's why the love story blossoms so well. Because Alex makes her feel extraordinary. Which is important, because we as people like to feel special and loved, exactly what the government in this novel is trying to get rid of.Truthfully, I did not see the end coming. This novel really ends on a cliffhanger, leading you wondering how the series is going to continue. I'm really wanting to pick up the next one because I want to know like how it continues, though I think I have an idea. I guarantee that this ending will not be what you expect going into the book.Overall, if you like young adult dystopian fiction with just the right amount of romance, this is the one for you.

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